bunny boiler quotes

Bunny Boiler Quotes

Today in this post we have brought Bunny Boiler Quotes. The word Bunny Boiler has been introduced recently and is very famous for the depiction of a psycho lady.

Let’s start Bunny Boiler Quotes.

bunny boiler quotes

Don’t be a bunny boiler.

bunny boiler quotes

Bunny boiler is now part of our language, and I’m proud of that.

bunny boiler quotes

Some men do think I’m a psycho Bunny Boiler.

bunny boiler quotes

“I’m not saying he’s a ‘bunny boiler,’ but he’s a little unbalanced.”

“There’s nothing like portraying a psychopathic bunny-boiler to boost one’s self-esteem, Glenn Close tells Ladies’ Home Journal.”

And the love-struck Geordie has already warned her boyfriend Stuart Wilson’s army of female fans to stay away. She hissed: “I can be an extremely jealous girlfriend … and Stu won’t even be looking at another girl when he comes out. I can see how people think I’m a bunny boiler.” – Danielle Lawler and Emma Cox

Glenn Close plays a woman as vengeful and ruthless as her notorious character in Fatal Attraction. Though she doesn’t actually boil anybody’s rabbit. But Ms. Close does not necessarily agree that there is an obvious similarity between the French aristocrat and Alex the bunny boiler.

One tantrum doesn’t make you a bunny boiler

Well, what would you have us do, Jason? Swan into a hardware store without any cash and say “give us your best rack or we’ll set the adorable button-nosed robots on you for bunny-boiler death by cuddling?” Jared Thomas in Red Gods Sing – Trevor Barto

A bunny boiler will constantly bombard her boyfriend with messages and calls to keep tabs on him and make sure she knows where he is.

“A ‘bunny boiler?’ … you always bring some new vocabulary Senator, to the conversation.” – Brooke Baldwin

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