capital steez quotes

Capital Steez Quotes

Capital Steez was an American rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, and was the founder of the Beast Coast movement. Capital Steez was known by his name as Capital S TEEZ. He committed suicide on December 24, 2012. Let’s remember Capital Steez Quotes in this collection.

capital steez quotes

I stand proud, but I never said my pledge allegiance.

Capital Steez Quotes

In May 2015, his fellow rapper, Joey Bada announced a festival to be held on July 7, annually. The festival’s name is “STEEZ Day Festival.” Let’s read some good quotes about Capital Steez Quotes.

capital steez quotes

They say sound is vibration and it got my mind shaking and it got my mind shaking. Can you feel it vibrating? I call it Vibe Ratings.

capital steez quotes

They say hard work pays off. Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day Job.

capital steez quotes

True Love is so hard to find and they say that once you found it. You lost your mind.

We have to be about our message which is taking over the government.

Illuminati tryin’ to read my mind with an eagle eye and the haze got me thinkin’, why we killed Osama and plenty innocent people died.

Still, better my days by drawing hearts around my S’s and J’s and thinking bout you when eye get on the stage You’re a lot more mature than the woman your age and eye really don’t expect it to change.

capital steez quotes

You’re never too old to take Baby Steps.

Our emotions are PURE, out logic is KORRUPT

No interruptions, stereos pumpin from the dungeon, coming live from Flatbush Junction.

You’re like a diamond in the rough or the lighter to my dutch.

I admire your style and your smile, a whole list of things and I think that it’s a shame, that I don’t get to see you enough And I been trying to make you mine for at least a few months.

Let’s escape into the Universe, but let me show you how to do it first.

If your man try and disrespect it, send a message and it’s over in a mili second.

The evil of love is so subliminal and the love of evil is so sinister. The damn nation is run by sinners still, middle finger to your pastor and your MINISTER.

A bird caught my attention, I chased her and she got away Now I’m left with pennies and I had to learn the harder way.

Can’t crack through the system, that’s why they got crack through ya system and now we got the matrix hacked with precision.

But these ain’t even punch lines no more, I’m abusing tracks leaving instrumentals blue and black.

Still think it’s a joke, your third eye vision is broke.

S is for the stamina, T is for the talent.

Mother Nature got me shining from the depth of my soul.

And that look into your eyes is pretentious
It’s no strings attached, so why less affection
And we both trying to find some reception
I got you unlocked, don’t hide this connection.

The smile ain’t the same no more
I looked up and the sky ain’t the same no more
I looked up what the meaning of life was
And ended up with the fake smile and a light buzz.

It’s like I can’t think of the words, only a melody looping in my mind but my heart still skips a beat.

So can I live? Or is my brother tryin’ to gun me down
Scuffle a couple of rounds ’til we hear the thunder sound

I can’t be a Satanist, I don’t know who Satan is.

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