ray ban quotes

Top 4 Ray Ban Quotes

Ray-Bans are the finest sunglasses in the world and are being liked by famous people and celebrities. Let’s read Top 4 Ray Ban Quotes.

Ray Ban Quotes

ray ban quotes

I always have two pairs of glasses: geeky black Warby Parker frames and Wayfarer Ray Bans. Those are key! – Christa Miller

ray ban quotes

Sunglasses are a bit like watches for me – a real obsession. My favorites are Oakleys, Ray-Bans, and Wileys, which are worn by the U.S. military. – Ross Kemp

ray ban quotes

I always have a pair of Ray-Bans in my bag and lots of pairs at home because they seem to go missing. They’re a real staple. – Kate Moss

ray ban quotes

Right now, all white people are either wearing or coveting a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. These sunglasses are so popular now that you cannot swing a canvas bag at a farmer’s market without hitting a pair. In fact, at outdoor gatherings, you should count the number of Wayfarers so you can determine exactly how white the event is. If you see no Wayfarers you are either at a country music concert or you are indoors. – Christian Lander

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